Bethan's Story

Updated: May 13, 2020

In late 2017 I developed a cough, I was told it was viral and definitely not a chest infection by a nurse at my GP surgery. The cough persevered and breathlessness was starting to affect me, this time I saw my GP in January this year. She listened to my chest and prescribed an asthma pump.

After 3 weeks it was making no difference so I went back again...this time I was sent for a chest X-ray at my local hospital.

This revealed a collapsed lung surrounded in fluid, I was admitted. After 4 days or draining the fluid and antibiotics I was then given a CT scan. The scan revealed a huge mass on my chest, I was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 33. 3 children to look after.

After a biopsy I was told I had Primary Mediastinal diffuse large b-cell non Hodgkin Lymphoma.

I’ve just finished 6 cycles of chemotherapy and now start radiotherapy on the 19th of June.

I had fatigue and night sweats but put it down to other things going on in my life, never heard of Lymphoma, and I was never asked about these signs.

The battle goes on, aiming to be cured after treatment.